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September 21, 2010

Nonagenarian Duterte speaks about Alzheimer’s disease in Davao City

DAVAO CITY, Sept. 20 (PNA) – The 90-year-old Soledad Duterte will be one of the speakers in the 8th Annual convention of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorder here from Oct. 7 to 8 at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao.

Nanay Soleng, as fondly called by Dabawenyos, is the grandmother of Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, the mother of Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
The old Duterte will talk about “How Ready Are We with Nursing Homes in the Philippines”. Vice Mayor Duterte is the Keynote Speaker.
Dr. Eva Aranas-Angel, member of the board of Dementia Society of the Philippines (DSP), said the convention would center on the Holistic Dementia Care where topics would include, among others, The Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory, Medical and Environmental Conditions That Affect Memory, Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia, Activities of Daily Living in Dementia, Neurobehavioral Indicators of Dementia, Diagnosis of Dementia Syndrome, Pharmacologic Strategies in the Management of Dementia, Music Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reality Orientation, Interdisciplinary Approach to Dementia Care, The Community Awareness Program of the DSP, Dementia Care Pinoy Style, Dementia Policies in the Philippines.
The convention is also organized by the Allied Specialist Group in cooperation with the Philippine Neurological Association.
On the other hand, Angel said cases of alzheimer’s disease in the Philippines has become alarming to family members.

However, she said they did not have yet data as to number of cases, but she got at least two new cases a week in her clinic.

Their data show that about 70 percent of Filipinos 60 years old and above manage to live good quality of life while the remaining 30 percent of them are vulnerable to dementia.

“It is sad to note that many don’t get to see a doctor. And this can be prevented,” she said.
Angel is the only doctor in Davao City that practices Geriatric Medicine and gets patients from as far as Lanao and the different parts of Mindanao.
Angel also said the higher the age the more dementia cases would be, adding that among the 70 years old, about 30 percent of them suffered dementia; while for the 80 years old, around 40 percent and in the 90 years old bracket, about 50 percent of them have dementia.

Aside from the attitude of not seeing a doctor, the other problem would be economic because of the difficulty of convincing the family to see a doctor as most of them declined due to the high cost of treatment.

Seeking treatment could reduce the problem but sustaining the treatment in order to bring back quality of life was another thing, she said.

“There is no price tag for quality of life but we could put price tag to bringing back memory of the patient,” she said.
She advises people, who have the option to retire, not to proceed unless they have other similar activities outside of their usual routine while still working.
She said when out of work because of retirement, reading was not enough because what the person read had to be communicated to others for actual interaction.
She said one has to have continued intellectual stimulation and it was not enough by just watching TV or by reading.
The mind, she said, had to be active as what the Europeans popularized through the University of Life Long Learning.
There is one in the Philippines handled by St. Escolastica through the University of Life where their teachers are retired professors, career executive officers (CEOs) and other executives.
She said this kind of activity could help a lot because having an alzheimer patient in the family was painful.
“Many of the family members of my patients would say they pity their parents seeing them losing their memory,” she said. (PNA)
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More than P400-M new investments get tax incentives in Davao City

September 21, 2010

DCIPC officer-in-charge Jason Magnaye during the Davao Business Forum at the MediSpa, SM City Davao

The newest investments in Davao City valued at P441 million that passed through the Davao City Investments and Promotion Center (DCIPC) gets exemption of paying mayor’s permit and fees.DCIPC officer-in-charge Jason Magnaye said this is on top of the approved investments during the first semester amounting to P612 million.

He said they need to work hard in order to meet their target of P1.9 billion this year.

The recent approved investment is still in line with real estate where one is a subdivision project worth P119 million and the other, a commercial building for mixed use with investments at P322 million.

Magnaye also said that the earlier investments consist of two projects on real estate, one in tourism while the other in agri-business.

In the pipeline are on real estate and commercial buildings, he said.

Meanwhile, he said majority of the investments in Davao City for the past several years are in line with real property development.

He said for the past three years, projects in the city were dominated by property development getting a share of 83 percent of the total investments.

He cited that since DCIPC started in 1995, property development got the biggest chunk as it cornered 61 percent of the total investments.

On the other hand, Magnaye is optimistic of hitting their target as they incorporate service marketing in finding new investors.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio also goes out of her way in meeting with prospective investors and personally discussed with them what the city can offer.

He said the mayor also conducts personal visits to and assessments of existing projects of interested investors like in Manila in order to see for herself their projects.

Magnaye cited for instance that the Mayor led a small team to conduct ocular visit to the World Trade Center (WTC) in Manila as she is interested that a developer would invest in convention center here.

Although he stressed that they cannot dictate on the kind of investments he said perhaps they could influence.

A team from WTC composed of some senior officials will be coming to Davao City by end of September to check on the city’s investment area.

“The fact that a senior official is coming over would indicate that they are interested,” he said.

Magnaye said they double up in finishing their inventory and data as to real property investments as these comprise of the common data that investors ask. The other basic data as to infrastructure and other related information are also being readied by their office, he said.

He said a series of review and assessment are being made by them to ensure that investors get relevant and appropriate data as this will help them decide in locating here.

He also said they will continue to improve on their services and reach out to other sectors as they align with the development direction of the city. (PNA)

High demand for environment friendly appliances noted in Davao

September 16, 2010

Buyers of appliances here now opt to purchase low power consuming units.Alex Bautista, store manager of SM Appliance Center, said there is now a market demand for environment-friendly appliances both for the brown and white lines units.Brown lines refer to audio/video units while the white lines are refrigerators, airconditioning units and ranges. Other items are referred to as small appliances. Bautista said there are a thousand codes but these three are the common and basic.

He also said the brown lines are the bread and butter of the appliance stores.

Meanwhile, he said they need to adjust to the market demand by providing consumers ample choices of energy saving appliances.

He explained that five years ago buyers looked at the cooling capacity as far as airconditioning units were concerned but now the buying choice is directed to how much energy is saved.

He said their latest is the 1 HP split type aircon where savings generated is 40 to 60 percent of the energy used.

“Although the cost is higher than the conventional type but we noticed that buyers do repeat purchases of the same kind,” he said.

Bautista also said that with the booming construction of real property here be it in hotels or condominium, the purchases of these type of units also contributed to the increase in high demand.

He said it has been the company’s mandate to promote environment-friendly appliances to their customers and this is being carried out in their 48 branches nationwide. (PNA)
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Newly installed MinDA chair lobbies support for infra projects

September 15, 2010


The newly installed Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) chairperson Luwalhati R. Antonino prioritizes the building of support group that will finance unfinished infrastructure projects in the island.Antonio assumed office on Thursday and a ceremonial turnover was held at the MinDA office in Davao City.

She replaced outgoing MinDA chair Secretary Jesus Dureza.With a cabinet rank position, Secretary Antonino carries Mindanao representation in the national bureaucracy and will have a strong participation in the national development planning process.She said among her priorities are the road networks and energy even as she said that they will help the Office of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process (OPAPP).

“When the President asked me to head MinDA, he specifically told me to look at Mindanao development paying particular attention on the power issue as well as help in the peace process,” she said.

She said there are a lot of things to be done with the support of the President.

However, she said as far as the peace process is concerned, MinDA’s role is to help in coordinating because it is the OPAPP which is on top of this. They will only coordinate, and their coordination will also be with the local government units. (PNA)

Pinoy known chef urges HRM, culinary students to “think out of the box”

September 11, 2010

Chef Gene

working on their dishes

the champion

final judging

d winning salad

second placer

third placer

Most Institute students Miyake and Cuevo with were awarded a diploma for their mixed green salad

DAVAO CITY, Sept. 10 (PNA) -– A Filipino known chef told Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) and culinary students to explore more style and technique through research during the Mindanao’s Culinary Festival (MCF) 2010 held from Sept. 8 and 9 at the SM City Event Center here.

 Chef Gene Gonzalez, founder and president of Center for Asian Culinary Studies told the students that “you have to think out of the box” and the only way to do it is by way of doing research.

Gonzales was one of judges in the competing culinary and hotel and restaurant management students.

“You come from a place that has tropical varieties of agri products although I am not saying that you abandon the western style,” he said.

And through research he said one gets up-to-date trends, styles and innovations. Name different style of food preparations be it the Thai, Vietnam or the Filipino ensaladas, he said there are so many other explorations that they can create.

 The preparation of food is important in competitions and for those who cannot make it, just continue participating in events like this.

“Compete in every cooking competition because this will improve your knowledge and skills,” he said.

He told the students to pay particular attention to safety and hygiene as well as professionalism.

The two-day competition was joined by 19 schools from Mindanao namely Aces Polytechnic College, AMA Computer College, Brokenshire College, Computer Sense College of Technology, Davao Central College, Davao Doctor’s College, DMMA College of Southern Philippines, Emar Human and Environmental Coll ege, Inc., Gabriel Taborin Technical School, Holy Cross of Bansalan, Mats College of Technology, Mindanao State University – Naawan, Misamis Oriental, MOST Institute, Philippine Women’s College, St. Joseph Technical Academy, University of Mindanao-Davao, University of Southeastern Philippines, University of Southern Mindanao-Kabacan.

 There was also competition among commercial establishments on professional bartending and waitering namely Bangkok Wok, Brox Coffee Shop, Caution Entertainment Bar and Restaurant, D’Leonor Hotel, Emar’s Hotel Restaurant and Beach Resort, Palos Verde-Indangan, Palos Verde-Maa, Tine’s Event Service and Company and Zigudu Restobar.

Head of organizing group Mary Ann Montemayor of Konkordans said this year’s festival is an all new event as participants are faced with new schemes.

She said this new aspect of the competition will challenge the minds and creativity of the teams even as she said they want both the students and professionals continue to learn new techniques and styles as well as be more imaginative and creative.

Graduating culinary students of MOST Institute, Robert Cuevo and Jurichi Miyake said win or lose they will continue participating in competitions to hone their talents and skills.

The two from MOST Institute after winning the school’s sponsored “iron chef” emerged as champion and made them the school’s official representative to MCF 2010. Cuevo and Miyake competed in the Salad/Dessert Competition.

Miyake said among others he want to work in Japan as he would like to learn and become a “sushi chef” while Cuevo dreams of Barcelona where there are lots of expert and famous chefs and to try his luck if he could work with one of Spain’s famous chefs.

The two said there are lots of opportunities abroad and chefs are paid well. “Perhaps if we are lucky to be given the opportunity to work abroad, our intention is to build capital then come home and start our own business,” Miyake said. (PNA) LOR/Digna D. Banzon/lvp

Members assured: Pag-IBIG savings are safe; blacklist proceedings vs Globe Asiatique starts

September 8, 2010

The Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund) today assured its members that their savings are safe and that added safeguards to protect the integrity of the Fund are being put in place upon the directive of Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Chair Jejomar C. Binay.

“The Pag-IBIG Fund remains firm in its commitment to protect its members’ hard-earned savings. Our members need not worry about the safety of their savings. Their funds are intact, and will remain under their names and will be lent or, at maturity, released only to them for their benefit,” Emma Linda B. Faria, officer in charge of the Pag-IBIG Fund, said.

Faria said the agency’s budget for services and lending operations, both for housing and short-term loans, as well as funds allocated for claims, remain unaffected by the discovery of spurious transactions involving Property developer Globe Asiatique.

“Pag-IBIG is still on track in meeting its income/dividend targets for the year 2010,” she said, adding that the Fund will continuously review existing Pag-IBIG guidelines and policies “to further strengthen internal audit processes and enhance risk management measures. “

At the same time, Faria said the Agency has started proceedings to blacklist Globe Asiatique. She also revealed that as of August 31 2010, the company racked up notices of buyback totaling P1.1 billion for Xevera housing loans.

“While this amount is by no means small, this represents only half of one percent of the total assets of the Fund and is fully collateralized. We would like to assure our members that this will not affect the agency’s financial stability and capability in providing the necessary services to them,” she said.

The Vice President had ordered a thorough probe into the Xevera case during his first week as chair of HUDCC. Binay is also the chair of the Pag-IBIG Board of Trustees.

“We are ready to file the appropriate charges to protect the Fund. I have also directed the Pag-IBIG management to take the necessary steps to prevent a repeat of the Xevera case and to assure the members that their savings are being managed professionally,” he said.

Faria explained that as a condition for accreditation, developers guarantee against ineligible or fraudulent borrowers, non-completion of projects, and fraudulent transactions.

They also issue guarantees on loans against default within a period of two years. Developers also commit to buy back faulty accounts.

A breach of any of these guarantees is ground for blacklisting developers, aside from failing to remit collections under a Collection Service Agreement (CSA).

“In the case of Globe Asiatique, we have initiated the blacklist proceedings based on the results of our investigation,” she said. Earlier this year, the Fund was alarmed with its discovery of spurious transactions in the developer’s Xevera housing projects in Pampanga involving fake borrowers.

These findings were discovered through Pag-IBIG’s own validation and internal control mechanisms.

The Fund immediately implemented protective measures, including suspension of Globe Asiatique’s access to the HDMF housing program express lane facility.

The Fund also issued notices of buyback for accounts with confirmed breach of warranties. Likewise, Pag-BIG terminated GA’s Collection Servicing Agreements given the latter’s failure to remit payments to the Fund.

A full audit of all Xevera accounts was also ordered. The Pag-IBIG Fund is also speeding up the conduct of a thorough investigation on the matter to determine the administrative, civil and criminal liabilities, as may be appropriate, of concerned parties, she added.

Faria also assured accredited developers and borrowers that the Fund will continue to take out qualified housing loan applications.

“The Fund’s housing program has not just made us the biggest provider of housing loans; it showed that we are one of the more stable and viable government institutions in the country today.

Our institutional strength and our financial stability have enabled us to not just continuously honor our obligations to our members, but also allow the Fund to meet its mandates,” she said.  Source :