High demand for environment friendly appliances noted in Davao

Buyers of appliances here now opt to purchase low power consuming units.Alex Bautista, store manager of SM Appliance Center, said there is now a market demand for environment-friendly appliances both for the brown and white lines units.Brown lines refer to audio/video units while the white lines are refrigerators, airconditioning units and ranges. Other items are referred to as small appliances. Bautista said there are a thousand codes but these three are the common and basic.

He also said the brown lines are the bread and butter of the appliance stores.

Meanwhile, he said they need to adjust to the market demand by providing consumers ample choices of energy saving appliances.

He explained that five years ago buyers looked at the cooling capacity as far as airconditioning units were concerned but now the buying choice is directed to how much energy is saved.

He said their latest is the 1 HP split type aircon where savings generated is 40 to 60 percent of the energy used.

“Although the cost is higher than the conventional type but we noticed that buyers do repeat purchases of the same kind,” he said.

Bautista also said that with the booming construction of real property here be it in hotels or condominium, the purchases of these type of units also contributed to the increase in high demand.

He said it has been the company’s mandate to promote environment-friendly appliances to their customers and this is being carried out in their 48 branches nationwide. (PNA)
LAP/Digna D. Banzon/lvp


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