RP architects call for all sectors to focus efforts to help preserve the environment

Groups of certified architects in the country are calling for all sectors to focus their efforts to help in the preservation of the environment.

With this, the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Association (CREBA) Inc. in Davao, in cooperation with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and other government agencies, is holding a conference on real estate focusing on green development.

CREBA Davao president Carlos Omar A. Vargas said the conference is being held amid the need to push strongly their advocacy of recognizing the need to adopt green development in the real estate industry.

Vargas said the event will be held on October 6 at the SM Event Center of SM City Davao with the theme “Challenges of Global Warming on the Real Estate Industry. Green Development our contribution to the future.”

He said among the topics that will be discussed are the new approaches to green technology and sustainability in the real estate development, planning of sustainable communities, best practices (for real estate developers, local government units and alternative source of energy), and the green financing of the Development Bank of the Philippines.

He said there will be recognition of best practices among builders in the region on green development.

Vargas said such act of recognizing them could perhaps serve as inspiration to others so that their success could be replicated.

As the present state of the environment calls for all sectors to focus their efforts in helping to preserve it, the construction industry is doing its share even as it is considered as the biggest threat to the environment.

Meanwhile, Architect Florizel C. Chavez, manager of Designways Construction and president of Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines, Davao Chapter admitted that in construction, lumbers are used extensively.

But there are already substitutions on the use of lumber for scaffoldings to steel. It is now being used in other countries although still in limited scale in the Philippines.

He said there are not enough businesses engaging into this kind of services for rental of steel forms for building constructions aside from the fact that it is expensive on the part of the builder.

Chavez said adopting Green Architecture and Green Building is more expensive but if this is quantified in terms of longer use and the effect to the environment, the impact is advantageous.

He said based on estimate, it could be 20 percent higher in cost of a particular project.

However, he said architects already infused basic green architecture in designs of buildings and houses like the big windows and should be positioned it in the southeast as concentration of more air emanates from this direction.

“Bigger and more windows would lessen the use of light and air conditioning units,” he said.

Also, the collection of rain water is already a part of the new design for houses while septic tank must follow three chambers in compliance with the Clean Air Act, he said.

He said they are extensively advocating the Green Building, and events are held to sustain our education campaign among our members into this endeavor. (PNA) LDV/DDB/lvp


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