Housing developers hold national confab in Davao City on Aug.19-20, 2010

Manila (PNA) – The Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) will hold its first ever National Convention on Aug. 19 – 20 at Grand Men Seng Hotel in Davao City, OSHDP president Linda A. Tan said Friday.

OSHDP is an assembly of private developers and allied interests nationwide involved in the development of socialized and low-cost housing.

Through the years, OSHDP has gained recognition from both the government and the private sector for successfully carrying its advocacies.

To boost the momentum and the gains that the housing sector has achieved in pump-priming the economy, the OSHDP Convention will focus on the theme: “Sulong Pabahay, Ginhawang Buhay”, A Stronger OSHDP – Government Partnership in Leaping Forward Through Socialized Housing.

The event will serve as an avenue for newly appointed government officials to share their views and their agency’s policies and programs affecting the sustainability of the real estate and housing sector.

All major stakeholders in the housing industry are invited to attend. The convention is expected to provide participants with excellent opportunity to be updated on relevant shelter issues, share insights and network with like-minded professionals in the real estate business.

The convention coincides with the week-long local celebration of the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City.

As such, participants are encouraged to extend their stay in Davao for a weekend of fun and entertainment. Separate local festivities and activities are being arranged specifically for convention delegates. (PNA)


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