“We had fun, fun, fun” @ Pearl Farm (Summer Outing 2010)


They had fun n the sun and the sand … while we rated their performance in a unique show of talents, guts, poise, pose and grace …. then they ate , played fun games, they swim, toured the place, talked, laughed, laughed and laughed.

Twas one event in March they will continue to recall with matching laughter … als…o because of Lady Gaga. I too didn’t miss that. i had my foto taken with the red hair lady. The winners of the hunk and the babe in bikini were also equally exciting so with the different group presentations.

Joe and I had fun and enjoyed the day with the Pag-IBIG Tagum branch, the group headed by Beth. Kudos to you all. Thank you guys … for the invites … twas indeed a fun day.

The kids were there too not only to enjoy but cheer to their Moms and Dads, Titos and Titas.

Everyone were in their summer get ups plus accessories of colored hats, bags, flip flops, different shapes and colors of shades, shorts and swimsuits.

Foreign visitors were there too to have fun.

well … it’s facebook time so i’m sharing to you some fotos I took in between my task as one of the judges along with Joe and a Daddy …all because of “The Heat Is On” Summer Outing on March 20, 2010.


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