my interview with the “relucant leader, accidential hero” of Pag-IBIG Fund

quimbotalk73I got the chance to interview personalities and top ranking officials in private corporations and government offices, but i will treasure most my recent (ambush) interview of this “reluctant leader, accidental hero” of Pag-IBIG Fund.

Everytime I learned of his coming to Davao, I and my media friends look forward to interviewing him because Atty. Miro Quimbo is one personality that we could build a cabinet of stories and run them for weeks.  He always has new things to say.  We like him because he is intelligent and articulate and media friendly.

Also a lovable person that girls of all ages would want a photo shoot with him. There was one occasion while we were in an interview that some ladies approached him for a photograph and he obliged himself getting our nod that he be excused for a second just for the foto shoot.

He possesses the features of a celebrity and he is one in his own right although he readily said “that’s good only while you are in the position”. Quimbo is chief executive officer of Pag-IBIG Fund but recent development broke out where the carried a story of his quitting the top position of the Fund.

I was saddened by the news. I got a text from a Manila friend Thursday morning of RSQ quitting the post. But because I was busy with coverages that day first with a presscon at Pag-IBIG Fund Davao office with VP Jose W Banzon Jr. on the new condonation law and at the Medco Office for another presscon with Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Avelino I. Razon and Medco Usec Virgilio Leyretana, I forgot about the text. 

Earlier on I had to go back to the house to iron the toga of daughter Kim for the pictorial of Ateneo graduating class of 2009.  What made my day horrible also was the sudden transport strike leaving the streets without public utility jeepneys.  All taxis that ply the Bangkal area yesterday were all occupied.

Good thing my couple friends Cesar (of SM) and wife Karen (on event organizing) saw me and very desperate of getting a ride because I could not huggle for one that time because I was already late for the 10am presscon.  I was still on the road at 10:45 am. 

It pays to have lots of friends, and because of Cesar and Karen I was still able to catch up with the first presscon.

At past 12:00 we then moved to the second presscon from Pag-IBIG Fund with Q, Tony A, Peng, Beth and Henry to Medco.  And after taking our lunch after the presscon there, Peng and company dropped us to Bolton at NetExpress where Joy and I wrote our stories.

Ride home was still difficult at 4:00 pm so I decided to take the taxi (at last walang laman) and dropped Joy at NCCC.

I arrived home at almost 5PM. Watched tv while i thaw the fish and meat that i will cook for our dinner.

My husband arrived home at past 5PM and told me about RSQ and that reminded me of the text i got earlier.  I searched the net and found the story.  Atty. Tonette also texted me about this.

And when i read the story … only then i realized it’s real.

During my March 6 interview with him, although very brief, after some clarification of what he said during the Mindanao Housing Forum,  i asked him about his future plans like seeking political seat. He did not answer me on that but Jokingly he said “i will run in the oval”.   And with the big smile he said thank you for the help.  I know these are the stories we write about his Pag-IBIG Fund.

As i writer and with the many occasions that i interviewed him, i believe in his vision and i know he is sincere in his job.

I still look forward to interviewing him even after Pag-IBIG Fund and his next career could be more exciting and that would make our stories about him exciting as well. 

Thanks to JWB jr too for setting the interviews we had with him. 

“Break a leg Sir” … and we pray for you too.

(you can read the article “reluctant leader, accidental hero” at the CEO’s corner at


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