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East Asian bizmen eye Davao as retirement haven

Japanese and Korean investors are considering sites in Davao City for retirement villages of their foreign nationals.

These investors are just validating the areas that they had identified and their businesses are registered with the Securities and Exchange Corporation (SEC).

The Japanese investor however still has to conduct ocular on the recommended sites where the basic requirement is accessibility to medical facilities.

The sites are areas with building for dormitory type and there are raw site ideal for retirement villages.

The retirement village is an expansion of the Japanese investor with existing business in Davao City, the Menogaia Corporation, a business process outsourcing business that caters to clients in Japan for designs and architecture and the other is a language “English as Second Language” where Davao based instructors teach English on line to Japanese nationals.

Currently the Japanese investor has about 100 workers for both the designs and architecture and the on-line language.

The Menogaia Corp. owner, Knowing the increasing cost of retirement facilities in Japan, considered this investment as a big potential in Davao City.

Meanwhile the Korean investor is looking at developing an area in Buhangin for a mix-use of hotel, retirement part and for residential areas.

The Korean owned Good Morning Company has a 10-hectare area located between Robinsons and Panorama Subdivisions.


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