Feature: Davao City fast developing as international city

With thousands of foreign residents making Davao City as their second home or place of work, the city is fast developing as an international city.

Councilor Peter Lavina made this observation when he graced the foreign residents group first anniversary celebration even as he lauded the German-Filipino Friendship Association based in the city for its contribution to Davao city’s development.

Local Germans were keeping faith with their goal “Wer sein gadaetland liebt, der foerdert auch seize zukunft” (Who loves his host country, promote its future too). Their friendship association helped in promoting the city as a haven for investments, cultural exchange and international solidarity.

Lavina noted that Davao is growing as an international city with thousands of foreign residents notably Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Europeans, Mainland Chinese, Indonesians, and many more.

Six consulates or consular representatives are present in the city namely : Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Spain and Palau. The city, he said has sister city pacts with Keelung in Taiwan, Manado and Bitung in Indonesia, Tacoma in Washington State, Koror in Palau and Nanning in China.

There are also restaurants in the city offering flavors from many nations like Italina, Swiss, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnam, Turkish, Indian, in addition to Chinese, Filipino and international cuisine.

The city is the base of many international aid and donor agencies in the southern part of the country like those of the International Finance Corporation of World Bank, Australian Aid, US Aid, etc.

There are also plenty of foreign students enrolled in Davao universities and schools.

The German-Filipino Friendship Association is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and counts 35 members. Its founding and current president is Franc Weis of the Edelweis Restaurant at Tahimik Ave.

There are as many as 200 Germans in the city as well as in the neighboring areas like Panabo, Sta. Cruz and Digos. Most of them are married to Filipinas, some are in business, church ministry and in development work.

The German association offers its members translation services with minimal fees, free escorts to government agencies, and information and potential business, travel and housing requirements.


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